4th China-Europe Symposium on Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine(CESB2013)

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4th China-Europe Symposium on Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine(CESB2013)

Serrento, Italy

July 1-4, 2013


Luigi Ambrosio, Institute of Composites & Biomedical Materials (Italy)

Xingdong Zhang, Sichuan University (China)

The Deadline for Abstract Submission: April 10th

About The China-Europe Symposium on Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine

Chinese Society for Biomaterials signed the agreement with European Society for Biomaterials to organize  the China-Europe Symposium on Biomaterials every two years. In the past years,The China-Europe Symposium on Biomaterials Biomaterials Symposium has met three times, in Suzhou (China), Barcelona (Spaim) and Nanjing (China).

About Serrento:

Sorrento is a small town in Campania, southern Italy, with some 16,500 inhabitants.

Visited every year by thousands of tourists, Sorrento is a town with a breathtaking landscape beauty. Steep on the sea, rich in historical and architectural beauties, Sorrento has always been a destination for those who wish to have an unforgettable journey in Italy.

In Sorrento, you can relax in a unique atmosphere: sun, sea, characteristic lanes full of shops, churches, museums and monuments.

During your visit in Sorrento you'll have the chance to enjoy delicious meals thanks to the tasty Neapolitan and Sorrento gastronomy: pizza, pasta, babà, Neapolitan pastiera, Lemon Delizia, limoncello liqueur, Nocino liqueur and so much more.

More information can be found at: http://www.cesb2013.cnr.it/index.html

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