Congratulations to the new member of Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Yingjun

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On December 7th, 2015, Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) published the annual list of new members. Among 521 candidates, 70 of them were selected to be new members. Professor of South China University of Technology, President-Elect of the Chinese Society for Biomaterials Wang Yingjun has been selected to be the member of the Department of chemical engineering, metallurgy and materials engineering of CAE.

According to the statistic data, the youngest new member was 47 years old and the eldest new member was 73 years old; the average age for them was 56.2 years old, which was 0.7 years old younger than that in 2013. Among all new fellows, 34 of them were from universities, constituting 48.6% of all; 15 of them were from institutes, making up 21.4%; 21 of them were from enterprise and hospital, making up 30% of all, which was 8.5% more than that in 2013. More engineers and scientists from enterprise and front line were selected. 6 secondary disciplines which didn't have members of CAE before had new members this year; Disciplines like Laser Beam Manufacturing, Big Data and the Next Generation of the Internet all had new members.

Chinese Academy of Engineering had 12 member selections, and it is continuing revolute and perfect the new-member system. After this selection, the total number of members in CAE has increased to 852(including 322 senior members), the disciplines members study have been more comprehensive, and the regional distribution has been more extensive. All these facts could encourage the members to be models to Chinese scientists as well as promote the development of engineering technology in China. What's more, they could inspire more talented people.

*This news is translated from the official website of South China University of Technology, by Ruixuan Sun.

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