Congratulations to 2015 National Science & Technology Progress Award winner Fu Xiaobing

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On January 8th, 2016, the 2015 National Promotional and Awards Conference of Science and Technology was held in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing. The vice president of CSBM, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, expert in wounds and tissue repair and regenerative medicine Fu Xiaobing and his team won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for their study about "Innovation theory and key measures of prevention and cure of the new characteristics of the human body skin ulcer in China". This year, 295 research teams and 7 foreign technology experts have won National Science and Technology Awards, including 42 National Natural Science Awards and 1 First Prize; 66 National Technological Invention Awards and 1 First Prize; 187 National Science and Technology Progress Awards which included 3 Grand Prizes, 17 First Prizes(including 3 innovative teams) and 167 Second Prizes. The 7 foreign experts were awarded China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

Introduction about the program:

Body skin ulcer is an important research around the world. Professor Fu Xiaobing and his team has worked on this project for more than 10 years, studied multi center epidemiological on large sample of 1.48 million hospitalized patients, and become the first to publish report about the new characteristics of Chinese body skin ulcer internationally 10 years ago, the main causes were wounds and infections, but now they change to diabetic foot and complications of chronic diseases of elder people. They were also the first team to propose and reveal 3 new mechanisms for the difficult healing of ulcer and accordingly created 3 treatments for its pathogenesis. Their research has effectively reduced the disability rate for diabetic foot patients, making the amputation rate decrease from 11.5% to 7.2%.

Introduction about Fu Xiaobing

Professor Fu Xiaobing is the member of Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) and an expert in wounds and tissue repair and regenerative medicine. He is the dean of Life Science Department, the director of the Institute of Basic Medicine, the director of Key Laboratory of wound repair and tissue regeneration, and the doctoral supervisor in PLA General Hospital. He is also the visiting professor in 6 top universities, including Tsinghua University. Besides, he is the chief scientist of National 973 " wounds and tissue repair and regenerative medicine” program, the head of innovation group of National Natural Science Foundation, and the chief scientist of the war trauma key project of the whole army 12th Five-Year Plan.

*This news is translated from CSBM Chinese version, by Ruixuan Sun. 

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